Gina Molinari

CEO & Founder serving Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY

Gina Molinari is the founder and lead Laser Technician at New York Laser and Skin Clinic, an innovative practice in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn, New York. 

An authority in the beauty industry with a history that spans more than three decades, Gina began her career as a skin care consultant representing exclusive European beauty brands. Later, she was promoted to be West Coast Account Coordinator as a consultant and representative for speciality stores.  For the most part, she was traveling the Western United States, educating sales professionals and consumers about the latest skincare product technologies, their value, and effect on the complexion over time.

With this expertise, she ventured into medical aesthetic clinical consulting and was able to travel internationally to explore global advancements in skin care. Her consulting projects and education encompassed international activities including visits to Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia. Her collective experiences gained recognition as a Protocol Development and Applications Specialist with traditional and emerging anti aging skin care and device technologies.

Gina is certified in many anti aging clinical device technologies, and continues to work on clinical education advancement programs, and product and protocol development projects for Medical Aesthetic practitioners.

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