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Our Mantra

Like water, the human body is on an endless journey to seek its own balance. Our concept includes customized aesthetic treatment plans harnessing an arsenal of state of the art technologies to ensure that you reach your optimal aesthetic results in an expressed timeframe. We perform intensive treatments for rapid results.

About Us

Gina Molinari

Gina Molinari

President and CEO

Gina is an authority in the aesthetics industry with a history that spans more than three decades.  She began her career as a Skin Care Consultant representing exclusive European beauty brands, and she eventually became an assistant to Account Executives as West Coast Account Coordinator.  For the most part she was on the road travelling the Western US educating sales professionals and consumers about skin care technologies, and their value and effect on the complexion over time.


Thereafter she became a cosmeceutical and beauty Sales Representative and in that capacity, she serviced professional accounts in the NY and NJ areas.  Eventually she began representing anti-aging technologies, and the manufacturers of medical aesthetic Laser and Light devices, and both serviced and trained some of the world’s most iconic practitioners of Aesthetic Medicine.  Later she ventured into medical aesthetic clinical consulting and was able to travel to national and international locations including Italy, Germany, the UK and Malaysia.  Her collective experiences gained her recognition as a Protocol Development and Applications Specialist with traditional and emerging anti-aging skin care and device technologies.


Gina is certified in a plethora of anti-aging clinical device technologies, and she continues to work on clinical education advancement programs, and product and protocol development projects for Medical Aesthetic practitioners.

Theresa Hoagland

Theresa Hoagland


Theresa was born with an impressive aesthetic pedigree. Her family legacy includes generations of clothing designers, artists, herbalists, and beauty experts. It was no surprise then that she decided to follow in the footsteps of those that were before her. In 2017 she became licensed as an Aesthetician in the State of NY, and went on to become certified in the Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. As a Medical Aesthetician she focuses on aesthetic applications and treatments that restore the body and complexion to homeostasis. Accordingly, she excels in facial and body treatments that encourage systemic relaxation and healing, as well as those that support the body’s natural rejuvenation functions. Today she continues to build upon her concepts, exploring and becoming certified in modalities that support her philosophies. You will most certainly feel the healing power of touch from her treatments the second she lays her hands on you!